10 fascinating places in Germany, about which few people know

Almost everyone who was in Germany, saw the Brandenburg gate, the Cologne Cathedral, the Berlin wall and other famous attractions. But apart from them the country is something to see. Tell where to go in Germany, if it seems that you’ve already seen.

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Exercie stones (Externsteine)

10 завораживающих мест в Германии, о которых мало кто знает

Exercie stones (or Axenstein) is a group of rocks in the Teutoburg forest in the North-West of Germany, shaped like columns and towering 30 meters above the ground. According to legend, many centuries ago, there lived a tribe of sun-worshipers. Inside hollowed-out rocks a multitude of passages, stairways and holes, some of them are in the chapel or room in nowhere. On one of the five rocks-columns carved out a niche representing an altar, where through the round hole in the rock gets the sun during the annual summer solstice. Currently, this place is considered sacred to neo-pagans, where fans of the religious often make pilgrimages.

The Gorge Of The Partnachklamm (Partnach Gorge)

10 завораживающих мест в Германии, о которых мало кто знает
Photo: © Zairon/WikiCommons

One of the most unusual natural places in Germany, the gorge of the Partnachklamm, is located near Garmisch-Partenkirchen ski resort in Bavaria. On both sides of the meandering river has formed steep cliffs that resemble something like the “walls” of the corridor. The gorge is about one kilometer, so you can receive it quickly, though, unless you count stopping to look around and take photos. After leaving the gorges, you will find yourself in open countryside with beautiful mountain scenery. From here you can climb the mountain along one of the walking trails or go down by cable car.

Meersburg (Meersburg)

10 завораживающих мест в Германии, о которых мало кто знает
Photo: Stefan Jurcă / flickr.com

Meersburg — a small town on the shore of the lake Baden in southern Germany. He is known for fully preserved medieval buildings and the surrounding vineyards and orchards. Here you can stroll through the narrow streets decorated with flowers, and look at azure lake. But the main attraction of Meersburg old castle, inside of which are 30 rooms with medieval furniture, clothing and kitchenware. From the castle tower offers a view not only of the Marienplatz, but the city of Konstanz, which lies on the opposite Bank.

Schrecksee (Shrecksee)

10 завораживающих мест в Германии, о которых мало кто знает

Despite its name, lake Shrek has nothing to do with the character of the famous cartoon — is that the color of the surrounding mountain peaks. It is located in the Bavarian Alps and is absolutely untouched by civilization. Around the lake, even camping is prohibited. However, some tourists do not stop it, despite the fact that the lake can be reached only on foot, cable car or the roadway here.

Park Kromelow (Rakotzbrücke in Kromlau)

10 завораживающих мест в Германии, о которых мало кто знает

Another beautiful place is located in the East of Germany close to the Polish border. Better to come here in late may or early June, when the Park blooming rhododendrons and azaleas. In addition, here is one of the most photogenic bridges in the world — Rocketspace (or devil’s bridge), built in 1860. It is notable that along with his reflection in the river, it forms a perfect circle. According to one legend, if a full moon to sail under the bridge on the boat, not looking at his reflection and not touching the water, it is possible to obtain the fulfillment of a cherished desire.

The Bastei Bridge (Basteibrücke)

10 завораживающих мест в Германии, о которых мало кто знает

Bastei stone bridge in the Saxon Switzerland national Park, located near the German-Czech border. It was originally built of wood in 1824, and in 1851 it was replaced by the Sandstone. Surrounding the bridge the rocks rise above the river Elbe 194 meters. Nearby is the medieval fortress of königstein, located on the eponymous mountain.

Cochem (Cochem)

10 завораживающих мест в Германии, о которых мало кто знает

The story of the tiny town of Cochem located on the Moselle river, dates back to the time of the Romans and the Celts. The first mention of it dates back to the IX century. The historic centre has preserved its image of the middle ages with a neat half-timbered houses, a town hall, a fountain, a Church and the Imperial Reichsburg castle, built around the year 1020 at an altitude of 100 meters above the city. The city is surrounded by vineyards, the fruits of which go to the production of the famous Moselle wines.

Lichtenstein Castle (Lichtenstein)

10 завораживающих мест в Германии, о которых мало кто знает

Neo-Gothic castle of Lichtenstein was built in the XIX century in the town of Hanau. It is located at an altitude of 817 meters. Inside the castle presents an impressive collection of historic weapons and armor of knights, and near it are the ruins of “Old Lichtenstein” castle 1150-1200 year of construction. From the Windows of Lichtenstein offers a picturesque view of the cliff and located below the village.

Lake Blautopf (Blautopf)

10 завораживающих мест в Германии, о которых мало кто знает
Photo: Erich Ferdinand / flickr.com

Lake Blautopf located on the South of the country in Blaubeuren and is famous for its water is incredibly blue. Once there was a belief that the lake was blue because every day poured a barrel of ink. In fact, this color arises due to the scattering of light by tiny particles of limestone, which cannot be seen by the naked eye. The lake has a funnel shape with a depth of about 20 meters. And blue water contrasts beautifully with the surrounding lush trees is particularly impressive in autumn when the leaves on them turn yellow.

Castle Linderhof (Linderhof)

10 завораживающих мест в Германии, о которых мало кто знает

Most of the tourists in Germany, saw the Neuschwanstein castle, but this is not the only Palace, which is worth paying attention to. Linderhof — the summer home of king Ludwig II. This is the only of the three castles of Ludwig II that was completed during his lifetime, although the construction took 17 years. Linderhof is made in the style of the French Baroque: the building looks authentic, builders and sculptors several times sent to France. Inside are 10 rooms, which were painted by the best European artists. The castle has a garden with shaped flower beds and a fountain, and artificial lake.

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