11 days in Portugal: the itinerary from travel expert OneTwoTrip

Ah, Portugal! A country that attracts many travelers. However, they are mostly confined to Lisbon and Porto. Want to see more? Then save this article with a route from our travel expert. But be warned, the trip is going to be very busy.

Judge for yourself:

Lisbon → Sintra → Cape Rock → Natural Park of arrábida sines → Lagos → Silves → Faro → Tavira → Beja → Alqueva Lake → the Vineyards of Alentejo → Evora → Marwan → Castelo de Vide → Porto → Lisbon → Lisbon

Don’t forget to download the route in Google maps.

Days 1-3. Lisbon

The first two days you will spend in Lisbon. Be sure to include in your list one of the following attractions.

The praça do Comércio and Augusta street

11 дней в Португалии: маршрут от тревел-эксперта OneTwoTrip

The city’s main square, on one side overlooking the river Tagus, and the other three surrounded by majestic buildings. Here is the triumphal arch, from which originates the main pedestrian street — Rua Augusta. From the square begins the promenade of the river Tagus, Ribeira das Naus.

The Elevator Santa Justa

11 дней в Португалии: маршрут от тревел-эксперта OneTwoTrip

Design, which is a lift connecting the different levels of the city. At the top is an observation deck.

Cable cars

11 дней в Португалии: маршрут от тревел-эксперта OneTwoTrip

Lisbon is a city of trams and funiculars. All funiculars in the city three: Bica, Gloria and Lavra less known.

Follow the cable cars on such routes:

  • The Bica funicular street: Rua São Paulo — Largo Calhariz
  • The Gloria funicular, Praça dos Restauradores (Baixa) — São Pedro de Alcântara (Bairro Alto)
  • The Lavra funicular: Largo da Anunciada — Rua Câmara Pestana

The Museum of modern art Berardo

11 дней в Португалии: маршрут от тревел-эксперта OneTwoTrip
Photo: Digital signal / Shutterstock.com

The Museum contains a large collection of modern art represented in the permanent collections and temporary.

Ticket price: 5 €

Working time: from 10:00 to 19:00

Address: Praça do Império, Belém, Lisbon

Official website: Museu Colecção Berardo

The Calouste Gulbenkian Museum

11 дней в Португалии: маршрут от тревел-эксперта OneTwoTrip
Photo: Radu Bercan / Shutterstock.com

In the art Museum presents a collection of classical art. However, the Museum is the modern art Centre (Centro de Arte Moderna).

Ticket price: 10 €

Working time: from 10:00 to 18:00. Tuesday — day off.

Address: Av. de Berna 45A, Lisbon

Official website: Museu Calouste Gulbenkian

In Lisbon, we have selected for you hotels for 2 nights:

  • Estoril 7
  • Clube do Lago
  • Sheraton Resort Cascais

Days 3-4. Cape ROCA and Sintra

11 дней в Португалии: маршрут от тревел-эксперта OneTwoTrip

On the third day go to Cape ROCA, and then overnight in a small but very picturesque town of Sintra. The road to Cape ROCA will take about an hour, and from there to Sintra can be reached in half an hour.

Cape ROCA — the westernmost point of continental Europe. Offers an incredible panoramic view of the coast and the natural Park surrounding Sintra.

11 дней в Португалии: маршрут от тревел-эксперта OneTwoTrip

Sintra is famous for its beautiful palaces, listed as world heritage by UNESCO. These include the medieval national Palace, and sprawling on the green hills of the colorful Pena Palace and the medieval Moorish Castle. Usually tourists come to Sintra for a day. In the evenings, when they leave, Sintra is transformed from a bustling tourist spot in the almost deserted and charming town, so we suggest to stay here for the night.

Choose one of the hotels on our recommendations:

  • Sarrazola House
  • Tivoli Sintra

Day 4. Move. The natural Park of arrábida. Sines

11 дней в Португалии: маршрут от тревел-эксперта OneTwoTrip

On the fourth day go to the South is the natural Park of arrábida in the city of sines. A road without stops takes about 2.5 hours.

Arrábida natural Park (Parque Natural da Arrábida) is the unity of the green mountains and white cliffs towering over the beaches. From the hills in the Park offer good views of the coast.

The sines (Sines) — seaside town with a pleasant historic centre and the quays along the port. It is known as the birthplace of the famous Portuguese Navigator Vasco da Gama.

At night, we offer you to stay in an apartment near the coast a half hour drive from Sinisa:

  • Duna Parque Beach Club

Day 5. Move. Lagos. Silves. Faro

11 дней в Португалии: маршрут от тревел-эксперта OneTwoTrip

On the fifth day, continue your journey South to the town of Lagos. Then offer to call in Silves and close to the night to go to Faro. The entire road without stopping in this day would take 3 hours.

Lagos (Lagos) — the town on the South coast of Portugal. Here you will find beaches surrounded by magnificent cliffs. I advise you to visit these: Praia da Balança, Praia dos Pinheiros and Praia do Camilo. To the last beach is a beautiful staircase.

Silves (Silves) — a cozy town that lies on a hill with a castle and beautiful old architecture.

By evening you will reach the Faro, where they will spend the next few days. We have selected for you apartments close to the coast 15 minutes drive from Silves:

  • Real Marina Residence

Days 5-8. Faro

11 дней в Португалии: маршрут от тревел-эксперта OneTwoTrip

Faro is a port town in the South of Portugal. Explore Faro’s best to start with the Old town with its cobbled streets, spacious squares, fortified wall, historic buildings and churches.

Worth a look in one of the most famous and darkest attractions of the city — the Chapel of bones, whose walls are decorated with human skulls and bones, and be sure to visit the long sandy beach of Praia de Faro.

Natural Park RIA Formosa

11 дней в Португалии: маршрут от тревел-эксперта OneTwoTrip

This Park is formed by the lagoons, Islands and spits, stretching for kilometers along the southern coast of Portugal. The Park is inhabited by flamingos.

The apartment we chose for you are near the Park. Here you can rent a boat and explore nearby Islands.

Day 8. Move. Alqueva Lake

11 дней в Португалии: маршрут от тревел-эксперта OneTwoTrip

On the eighth day, begin to move to the North. We offer to visit two cities of Tavira and Faro, and then to go to the lake Alqueva. The road to this day would take 3 hours.

Tavira (Tavira) is a small coastal town with beautiful architecture and beaches.

To the next town, we offer you to go through the natural Park of Vale do Guadiana (Guadiana Valley Natural Park).

Beja (Beja) is another cozy little town with narrow streets, castle and beautiful houses.

Finally, in the evening drive to the lake. The area around the artificial lake of Alqueva, on the Guadiana river is famous for its starry sky — she is given a certificate “the direction for the stellar tourism”. Spend the night here, for example, here in this small hotel:

  • Aldeia do Lago

Days 9-10. Move. The Vineyards Of Alentejo. Evora. Marwan

11 дней в Португалии: маршрут от тревел-эксперта OneTwoTrip

In this day, you will see vineyards and two interesting cities — Evora and marvão. The road nonstop this day is 2.5 hours.

The Alentejo is one of the places in Portugal that is famous for its wines. We invite you to stop by the winery Herdade do Esporao — it is just between the lake and the city of évora. Book a tour and find out information on the website Esporao.

Historic centre of évora (Évora) is included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. Here you will find objects from the Roman period: the ruins of the temple of Diana and the aqueduct and the magnificent Gothic Cathedral, numerous churches, palaces and picturesque streets.

Marvão (Marvão) — the town, picturesquely stretched on the top of the hill. You can reach him by the evening and overnight. Choose where:

  • Estalagem de Marvão — Casa de Campo
  • El-Rei Dom Manuel Hotel

Days 10-11. Move. Castelo de Vide. Leiria

11 дней в Португалии: маршрут от тревел-эксперта OneTwoTrip

On the tenth day of travel, we offer you to visit the town of Castelo de Vide, and then head towards the West coast of Portugal in Leiria. The whole journey takes just over 2 hours.

Castelo de Vide (Castelo de Vide), is a charming town with a beautiful historical centre surrounded by hills.

In Leiria (Leiria) see beautiful squares and churches, narrow streets and towering on the castle hill.

We have selected for you some hotels where you can spend one night:

  • Tryp Leiria
  • Eurosol Residence

Day 11. Move. Óbidos. Return home

11 дней в Португалии: маршрут от тревел-эксперта OneTwoTrip

In this day with a return drive to Lisbon. Finally, offer to visit another town of óbidos. The whole road takes about 2 hours.

Óbidos (Óbidos) — a small town on the coast. Its white houses with red tiles surrounded by defensive walls. The main attraction of Óbidos, the eponymous medieval castle towering over the city. Obidos is called the chocolate capital of Portugal — each year there is held the festival of chocolate.

Buying delicious chocolate, move in the direction of the airport. Home in the evening!

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