6 cities of eternal spring

On the one hand, the journey from winter to summer is great, in contrast with the homemade cold overseas sun and juicy fruits give special pleasure. But on the other hand, the temperature drop in the street at 50C becomes for the body serious stress. And indeed the tropical heat can quickly become overwhelming, but on holiday so want to take more walks instead of sitting in a air conditioned room in anticipation of the evening. If you have ever had similar thoughts, you will definitely like our selection of: city of eternal spring, where year-round perfect weather.

Medellin, Colombia

6 городов вечной весны

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The city of Medellin has several nicknames, including “the City of eternal spring”, “the Capital of the mountains”, “City of flowers” and “Capital of orchids”. Although the city is located in the Equatorial zone, it is situated at an altitude of 1.5 kilometers above sea level, so the average temperature here year round 22C, and the air is always fresh thanks to the Western winds from the Pacific ocean. The city is famous for its unusual architecture, which is especially good in the night lights. The most striking event of the year — festival “Fair of flowers” (“Feria de las Flores”), during which are colourful parades and the city is decorated with beautiful floral works of art. This year the festival will be held from 29 July to 7 August.

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Sao Paulo, Brazil

6 городов вечной весны

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The most populous city in the southern hemisphere is located in the South-East of Brazil, 70 km from the Atlantic ocean on a plateau at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level. Eternal spring there still can be divided into two seasons: a cool spring and warm spring. From June to September in Sao Paulo it rains very rarely, and the air temperature varies from 17C to 19C. In the other months, cloud save from the hot sun, maintaining an average temperature in the range of 22C — 23C. The city is wonderful and harmonious mix of architecture from different eras and styles: ancient Church can coexist with modern skyscraper, but the picture looks absolutely natural. São Paulo, though the metropolis, but is designed for walking, there are a lot of greenery, great parks and recreation areas, museums and monuments.

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Canary Islands, Spain

6 городов вечной весны

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Although the island of eternal spring called only of Tenerife, in fact all the seven Islands of the archipelago very mild climate with an annual fluctuation in temperature from 17C to 24C and Sunny weather all year round. Hot desert air from the African continent on the way to the Islands saturated with moisture and cooled by the Atlantic ocean. In Fuerteventura there is a real wilderness, which differs from the Sahara only by the fact that on the horizon behind the dunes still see the ocean. Lanzarote is known for its “extraterrestrial” volcanic landscapes, where even filmed movies about life on Mars. Well, he Tenerife is the most known resort of the Canary Islands, where there is everything you need for a beach holiday.

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Dalat, Vietnam

6 городов вечной весны

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A relatively new resort was built about a hundred years ago the French colonialists who were looking for the mountain area escape from the stuffiness and heat of Saigon. Located at a height of 1 475 metres above sea level, the town is surrounded by evergreen forests and nature parks with waterfalls and lakes, picturesque valleys and passes. The average temperature was nearly constant throughout the year and is 24C — 26C, the mountain air here is always cool and fresh. In Dalat you should go for nature, and just to look at the “other” Vietnam-the city in their appearance is more like a village of the French countryside.

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Loja, Ecuador

6 городов вечной весны

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2 height of 380 meters above sea level compensates for the hot tropical climate of Ecuador, so the mountain town of Loja is also considered a place of eternal spring. The average monthly temperature throughout the year varies in the range 22C — 24C. The city has many parks and perfectly preserved historic centre with its monuments of Spanish colonial architecture. Walking there is a pleasure because the people are the music — from the Windows of houses and terraces cafes often hear popular songs, and passers-by, whistling a happy tune.

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Trujillo, Peru

6 городов вечной весны

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The Northern part of Peru has a mild climate, even on the coast temperatures are comfortable all year round from 20C to 26C, it is not surprising that this place became the cradle of civilization. The first settlement in the valley of the mouth of the river Mocho was built of stone and clay for several thousands of years BC. In the XVI century the city was captured by the Spanish colonizers. Today, Trujillo is a thriving resort, the city of eternal spring. Tourists here is what to do: the representatives of each historical period left numerous monuments of cultural heritage that is now protected by UNESCO. First of all it is the ruins of Chan Chan which was the capital of the ancient Chimu Empire and the luxurious palaces and castles that remained after the Spanish colonizers.

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