Budapest through the eyes of a local resident

Budapest — it is this: it is impossible not to love. Having been here once, want to return again and again. It is contradictory, mysterious, beautiful, different. Buda — the hilly, pastrama parks, cottages, and next to the pest plain, brick, vain… I Will Connect with the Pest eight beautiful bridges, the oldest and most beloved by tourists — szecsenyi chain bridge.

Interesting tours by locals in Budapest

Maria Zolotareva living in Budapest for almost 3 years. Arriving an exchange student, fell in love with the city and stayed. Like most Hungarians, wants to move to the hills together.

Which district to choose for living

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To stay better, of course, in the center, then the main attractions are nearby in walking distance. I recommend to look in 5, 6, 7, 8, 13 areas of the city.


hotel 2* Flow Hostel — accommodation from 442 rubles/day;

hotel 3* Sunshine Hotel — accommodation from 2 253 rubles/day;

3* hotel Alfréd Panzió accommodation from 2 488 rubles/day;

hotel 4* Avantgarde hotel Apartments accommodation from 2 027 rubles/day;

hotel 4* Vagabond Broadway — accommodation from 2 752 rubles/day;

hotel 5* New York Residence — a minimum stay of 6 811 rubles/day;

hotel 5* Iberostar Grand Budapest — accommodation from 8 052 rubles/day;

Where to eat

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On empty stomach lot of not walk, so first you need to eat properly. Before ordering first, second or third, ask the waiter for the portion size — they are relatively large. Hungarian cuisine is rich, spicy, hearty and delicious — a real treat. Be sure to try goulash (gulyás), perkelt (pörkölt), Teal paprikash (paprikás csirke), Toros of chusa (túrós csusza).

Lunch. Elements Budapest — new but already-established restaurant. The location is perfect — near the Parliament. On weekdays they offer a business lunch of two courses and a drink for 5 euros.

Average bill: 10-15 euros.

Rostelyos — a restaurant serving Hungarian cuisine on the area of Calvin.

Average check: 15-20 euros.

Dinner. Several restaurants serving Hungarian cuisine, located in the Central areas of the city: Tüköry, Rétesház, Kék rozsa.

For a special, impressive dinner, head to the restaurant on the ship Vén hajó.

Average bill: 30 euros.

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For Breakfast Hungarians prefer scrambled eggs, sausages, cheese sandwich, ham, pepper or local pastries. The drinks, cocoa or coffee. Excellent Breakfast served in Menza and Bubō.

Average bill: 5 euros.

For Hungarian marzipan and a Cup of coffee at a café Számos (it’s a network of cafes, one of them overlooking the Parliament) for a slice of cake in the coffee shop with the age-old history. Hungarians — the people in coffee, therefore the choice of tea, of course, but not as rich.

Average bill: 8 euros.

“Cafe of all cafes” in Budapest — Central Kavehaz is one of the oldest in the Vienna style. Opened in the late 19th century, this place was popular with the local intelligentsia: journalists, writers, musicians and University professors came here at the light.

Average check: € 13.

For vegetarians and vegans recommend restaurants and Napfényes Vegacity in the fifth district. Trend proper nutrition is now gaining momentum, so vegetarian options can be found in any self-respecting restaurant.

Average bill: 5 euros.

Fast food. From fast food be sure to try Hungarian langos (lángos) — bread with garlic sauce, sour cream and cheese, and sweet bun — flavored kurtoskalacs (kürtőskalács) with cocoa, cinnamon or walnut.

Where and what to drink

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Hungarian wines are starting to gain popularity, and with them, appear wine festivals, open wine gallery. For example, in Cultivini you can taste wines from different wine regions of Hungary with one click.

Institution St. Andrea Wine & Skybar belongs to the category of luxury. Gorgeous view overlooking the main sights of the Hungarian capital, a wide range of drinks, high prices. Expensive, but tasteful.

What to see

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The Jewish quarter of Budapest is a lively district in the city centre, consisting of narrow streets. Here is located the biggest in Europe synagogue. The facades of the houses and signs on the buildings tell about important events and people. Now this quarter is famous for its drinking establishments: every house in the pub, and then two.

On Gellert hill you will find a Philosophical garden. The place its very cozy. Next to the figures of great thinkers have a spectacular view.

You can’t visit Budapest and not visit the baths — there are dozens for every taste and color. Want outdoor swimming pool — széchenyi, view Rudas, closed in Turkish style király. The cost of a day ticket varies depending on the specific baths and is 12-20 euros.

Old furniture, Bicycle, cut machine, car, and bathroom elements of the interior ruin bar of Budapest. Cheap drinks, loud music and a great atmosphere. Szimpla Kert is the oldest and most famous ruin bar, with a large number of tourists, so those who like quieter places, I would advise Fogasház.

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If you’re not lucky with the weather — rescue museums. Want to see the history of the country in pictures? Then you are in the Hungarian national gallery — it is housed on several floors of the Royal Palace in the Buda castle.

The house of terror. Negative, bad Museum, but it helps to look at the history of the 20th century through the eyes of a Hungarian.

Museum CVAC (Zwack museum) — this production, and Museum. Zwack Unikum — known balm based on 40 medicinal herbs. Magical mystery drink for colds. A visit to the Museum includes a tasting.

The Surroundings Of Budapest

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Szentendre (Szentendre)

Szentendre can be called the most visited suburbs of Budapest. Thanks to the amazing atmosphere and proximity to the capital, the town became the tourist center of Hungary. Walking through the cobbled streets, visit the Museum of marzipan, a cosy centre and light-heartedness — the key features of this small journey.

How to get there: by train from Batthyany square (Batthyány tér) and to the end station.

Ticket price: 1 or 1.10 Euro one way (subject to availability travel card or Budapest travel in public transport or without it, respectively).


Only an hour by train, and you will find yourself in the “Hungarian Vatican” — Esztergom (Esztergom). The city is located in the picturesque Danube bend and the borders with Slovakia. Here you will see the large and beautiful Church of the country.

How to get there: by train from the Western railway station (Nyugati pályaudvar);

Ticket price: 3, 5 Euro one way.

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