Hotels in which was written the great books

They say everyone is able to write a good book. If you have been dreaming to see your name on the cover, but still have not caught the inspiration, you may want to look for it in another country. We decided to find out where he inspired the authors of the famous bestseller — perhaps having lived in the same hotels, and you will be able to write a masterpiece. Here are six hotels that were invented or created popular books.

Stephen King “The Shining”

Отели, в которых были написаны великие книги


Where: The Stanley Hotel, USA, Colorado

The cost of 1 night for 1 person: 12 301 ruble

This lovely colonial-style hotel inspired Stephen king to one of the most popular and terrible in his novels. In 1974, king wife and I stayed here for one night. Later that evening they drove through Estes Park, I came across this hotel and decided to spend the night. At the front Desk revealed that they are the only guests — very soon, the hotel closed for the winter. King was very impressed by empty corridors and huge dining room where all the chairs were lifted on the table, and only their table ready to receive guests.

The night king had his three year old son, fleeing in terror through a long corridor from a fire hose. The writer woke up from this nightmare, he sat at the window and looking at the mountains, a few minutes wrote the plot of “the Shining”. The novel was published in 1977 and it immediately became a bestseller. The 1980 film was shot in another location, but here in the mini-series 1997 you see it “Stanley”.

And of course, the hotel “overlook” in the book completely inspired by the hotel “the Stanley”. And the number 217 by chance is selected for rooms in which there are some of the most frightening events in this king stayed with his wife. In the hotel “Stanley” this room is booked often.

And they say that after the publication of “the Shining” the hotel really started to happen strange and frightening events: sometimes they see running down the corridor of the fourth floor of the ghostly children, and in the music room for the occasional late Mrs. Stanley, wife of the founder of the hotel.

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Agatha Christie “Murder on the Orient Express”

Отели, в которых были написаны великие книги


Where: Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah, Istanbul, Turkey

The cost of 1 night for 1 person: 5 854 roubles

The great writer and the author of a huge number of detectives travelled a great deal, and many trips have inspired her to bestsellers. So, during a trip to the Middle East Christie wrote one of his most famous detectives, “Murder on the Orient Express”. She traveled several times to the Express train from Istanbul to London and knew firsthand about what it was like to be in a locked train away from people: in 1931 the Orient Express and Christie on Board a few hours stood in a field because of a snow storm. Note that in your trip, the writer always took the typewriter, so maybe the beginning of the novel was born that day.

Well, I finished “Murder on the Orient Express” Christie in a more comfortable environment: room 411 at Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah in Istanbul. Today the room is named in honor of Agatha Christie, and it has carefully recreated the atmosphere of that time.

Loved the hotel and another famous writer Ernest Hemingway, according to rumors, could spend hours sipping whiskey at the bar “Orient”. Also in Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah was visited by Queen Elizabeth II and king Edward VIII, Sarah Bernhardt and Greta Garbo, Alfred Hitchcock, Jacqueline Kennedy and Mustafa Ataturk.

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Ian Fleming books about James bond

Отели, в которых были написаны великие книги

Photo: © Julian Parrott

Where: GoldenEye, Oracabessa, Jamaica

The cost of 1 night for 1 person: from 42 758 rubles

In truth, when Ian Fleming wrote at the mansion “Golden eye” book about James bond, hotel weren’t here yet. The house is fully belonged to the writer: he bought land in Jamaica in 1946 and built his house on the edge of a cliff overlooking a private beach. But nowadays it can accommodate any traveler — unless, of course, pre-book one of the 22 guestrooms.

The main house, where the written history of a great agent is built based on sketches by Fleming. The writer spent more than 20 winters. Here also was visited by Noel Coward, Katharine Hepburn, Errol Flynn, Cecil Beaton, Princess Margaret and Prime Minister sir Anthony Eden. And after the death of Fleming in 1964, the mansion was bought by the famous music producer Chris Blackwell, and there has been a whole series of famous musicians: sting, Bono, Michael Caine, and johnny Depp and the couple Clintons. By the way, many celebrity guests planted trees on the plot — this tradition began in 1956, sir Anthony Eden.

In the main house all 3 bedrooms, the other rooms are located in cottages built later. But if you want to catch the inspiration, ask them to put you in the room of the Fleming, where even preserved the table at which he wrote books about the agent 007. He, by the way, especially stands with his back to the window overlooking the sea, not to be distracted.

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JK Rowling’s “Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows”

Отели, в которых были написаны великие книги


Where: The Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh, UK

The cost of 1 night for 1 person: from 16 367 rubles

The final part of the famous story about the boy who lived, Joanne Rowling was writing in an ancient hotel The Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh. The building itself looks as if descended from the pages of the Saga such as a Victorian mansion could be the school of magicians.

Rowling wrote the book in room 552 on the fifth floor. On the door hangs a sign “The J. K. Rowling Suite” and a small owl. Behind the door — a huge Suite with a bedroom, a dressing room, a spacious bathroom and a large living room. In the living room and there is a table, which was written several chapters of the “Harry Potter”.

As acknowledged in an interview, Rowling herself, to finish the book at home she was always someone hurt, and she thought of “Balmoral”, where I stayed a couple of times. So in August 2006, the writer moved to the hotel. About who lives in a great corner Suite, only knew a few people from the hotel staff. They did everything possible so that no one bothered famous writer, so she lived in the room of six months and finished his famous story.

Today to rent the same hotel room is impossible, but it offers another 167 rooms from classic to Deluxe. And Spa, sauna, Hammam, fitness room and a chic restaurant Number One.

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Rudyard Kipling “the jungle Book”

Отели, в которых были написаны великие книги


Where: Rocco Forte Brown’s Hotel, London, UK

The cost of 1 night for 1 person: from 29 846 rubles

“Brown’s” is a respectable and at the same time luxurious five-star hotel, located in the heart of London, between Piccadilly street and Regent Street. It was here that Rudyard Kipling wrote his most famous work, “the jungle Book”. Of course, the inspiration of the stories included in the book, was not foggy London, and India, where Kipling spent his childhood. But it is possible that the comfort and convenience of the rooms in “Brown’s” played a role in helping the writer create a work that is today loved by children and adults.

The hotel incorporates a special Suite named after Kipling. In the room the atmosphere of colonial India. On the walls, unique Wallpaper with a pattern of flowers and leaves. In hrimne Suite also has a marble bathroom and a spacious living room with a comfortable writing Desk.

Hotel “Brown’s” loved not only the Kipling. Over the years, here lived, Agatha Christie, Theodore Roosevelt and Alexander Graham bell (who, incidentally, made here the world’s first phone call). As sir Winston Churchill said,” “I’m not staying at the hotel. I stay at Brown’s”.

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Ernest Hemingway “For whom the bell tolls”

Отели, в которых были написаны великие книги


Where: Ambos Mundos, Havana, Cuba

The cost of 1 night for 1 person: from 18 641 ruble

Ernest Hemingway is generally very respected good hotel, and in dozens of hotels around the world there are rooms where he stayed or even lived for a long time. But the honor of being the hotel where Heminway worked fell slightly. And Ambos Mundos is one of them.

Ambos Mundos is one of the oldest hotels in Havana, it was built in the late 1920-ies. And in the early 1930s 511 took Hemingway. He lived here for seven years and wrote during that time three books: “death in the afternoon”, “Green hills of Africa” and “to have and Have not”. Here also he wrote some chapters of one of the most famous of his novels, “For whom the bell tolls”.

Today in room 511 arranged a small Museum that holds a typewriter and some personal belongings of the writer. The bed in the room also survived from those times. In addition, one of the restaurants is called Hemingway. And at another restaurant, Plaza de Armas, serves meals Hemingway. If you stay in Ambos Mundos, also be sure to climb to the roof bar: it offers stunning views of the historic center of Havana.

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