Karelia — the land with the miraculous attractions

Surely you have already heard something about Karelia: “the land of lakes”, Kizhi, Kivach, lake Ladoga… But in Karelia there is not only this. Stunning with its grandeur and splendor of the landscape, marble canyon, multiple waterfalls, farm deer, and the largest kennel of handsome husky won’t leave you a chance to postpone thoughts about the trip soon!

Where is Karelia

Карелия — край с нерукотворными достопримечательностями
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Karelia is situated in the North-Western Federal district, in the northeast bordered by the White sea, in the West — with Finland, and on the North is part of the Arctic circle. Half of the territory of Karelia is covered with forests, and a quarter of the scenic lakes, rivers and reservoirs. Therefore, the region caught the second name — “the land of lakes”.

The largest and most famous Karelian lakes are Ladoga and Onega. In the lake Ladoga area is very mild climate, here are the Valaam archipelago and monastery, its stunning beauty of the mountain Park “Ruskeala”. Lake Onega is famous thanks to the Kizhi reserve, petroglyphs (rock carvings of the Neolithic period in the headlands) and Vodlozerskoe national Park.

Karelia is part of the international tourist route “Blue road”, which connects Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.

How to get to Karelia

Карелия — край с нерукотворными достопримечательностями
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Travelers first arrive in Petrozavodsk, the capital of the Republic of Karelia, and then, after seeing the city, go to get acquainted with protected natural places and participate in traditional Northern activities. From Moscow or St. Petersburg to Petrozavodsk runs daily several trains.

W/d the ticket from Moscow to Petrozavodsk from 1932 rubles.

Railway ticket Saint Petersburg — Petrozavodsk from 1018 rubles.

How to relax and where to go


Карелия — край с нерукотворными достопримечательностями
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For many, Petrozavodsk is not the purpose of the trip to Karelia, as a transit point. But to stay here for at least a few hours worth to walk the streets and make their impression on the nature of the Northern city, located on the shores of lake Onega. The most beautiful place is the waterfront, where a collection of sculptures donated to the city by his sister, and the most historically important national Museum, which has more than 150 years. Among the tens of thousands of exhibits, there are valuable archaeological finds.

Marble canyon Ruskeala

Карелия — край с нерукотворными достопримечательностями
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The marble deposits 30 km from the town of Sortavala was opened over 250 years ago and organize its industrial production. Grey marble used for the decoration of St. Isaac’s and Kazan cathedrals, Marble, Tauride and the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg.

Quarry worked for about 170 years, and then it flooded the Finns before the Soviet-Finnish war. In the twenty-first century, private investments have helped to create this place mountain Park, came here to stay.

Marble canyon, filled with water, is the largest of the entire complex, with an area equal to the area of six football fields. Therefore, the most memorable entertainment for tourists — flight-descent over water at the steel rope, jumping-bungee jumping from 20-meter height, diving or boating through the tunnels and grottos. In winter, the surface of the canyon is covered with a meter thick layer of ice that allows tourists a carefree ride on a dog sled or skate.

The Kivach Waterfall

Карелия — край с нерукотворными достопримечательностями
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Want to see the second largest waterfall of Europe? It is here, in Karelia.

The Kivach waterfall, powerful and majestic, is one of the largest rivers of the region, suno among splintered rocks, and the height of the drop of water reaches 10.7 metres.

Coming here, you will be able to visit the nature reserve located nearby. From the viewing platforms get spectacular selfies and landscape shots.

The Island Of Kizhi. The Museum of wooden architecture

Карелия — край с нерукотворными достопримечательностями
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Interested in ethnographic monuments included in the world heritage list of UNESCO, or just want to travel back to the past of Russia? Add time to your itinerary Museum-reserve “Kizhi” located under the open sky, only 68 km from Petrozavodsk. The value of the complex due to the fact that all the churches and other buildings were constructed without nails and sophisticated tools.

The dog sledding. Village Yarn

Карелия — край с нерукотворными достопримечательностями

Want to write about your winter holidays even more exciting memories? Then your path lies in the village of Pryazha it is here that organize sled dog race. First you will learn the basic techniques of drivers to control smart husky, and then you drive along the fascinating Karelian forest covered with fabulous hats of snow. After such a walk original local dishes are especially tasty.

National Park Paanajarvi

Карелия — край с нерукотворными достопримечательностями

The Park, located in the Northwest of Karelia, founded relatively recently — in 1992. Come here to see unspoiled natural landscapes: the red rocks, and multi-step waterfalls, lake paanajärvi with a depth of 128 meters.

The entrance to the Park is limited, so it is better to book a time to visit in advance.

The Karelian language

Карелия — край с нерукотворными достопримечательностями
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Republic of Karelia is part of the Russian Federation, therefore the official language is Russian, but the national languages recognized by the Finnish, Karelian and Vepsian — they are taught in schools, they publish several magazines and Newspapers, and the names of streets, government offices and signs are duplicated on the Finnish language. Take a look at our selection of popular phrases and expressions. When you are going to Karelia, you will be able to surprise the locals with their knowledge.

Hello! — Terveh teila! — terwen the tail

What’s your name? — Kuin Teida kucutah? — Queen Thade cucutech

My name is… — Milma kucutah… — milma cucutech

Thank you! — Passibo! of pasibo!

Yes. — Da. — Yes

No. — Ei. Hey.

Bye! — Jiagia tervehena! iiage tervehtia!

We loved staying here! — Meila ves’ma mielduoci tiala! — male

very mildue! Good luck and happiness in the New year! — Huvia da ozakasta Uutta vuotta! of juvia Yes Jacasta of Outta vuotta!

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