Magical Cappadocia: balloons, rock city and the quaint valley

Cappadocia is a fabulous place with a fancy landscape like an illustration for a children’s book. Here the rocks are carved entire cities underground built temples, and in the sky all year round climb dozens of balloons. We asked people familiar with this place, to talk about the intricacies of travel in this region. That should definitely do in Cappadocia, how much is a hot air balloon flight and what not need to save, read our article.

Where and how to get

Волшебная Каппадокия: воздушные шары, скальные города и причудливые долины

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Cappadocia — historical region of Turkey, located in the Central part of the country and uniting several provinces of Aksaray, Nevsehir, Nigde and Kayseri. One can reach here from any major city in the country in three ways:

  • aircraft — blizhaishem airport is located in Nevsehir, the administrative center of Cappadocia;
  • regularium bus;
  • in a rental car.

When to go

Волшебная Каппадокия: воздушные шары, скальные города и причудливые долины
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Ali. Guide to Cappadoci

Cappadocia is beautiful at any time of the year. If one of the main purpose of your trip: hot air ballooning, then come best in spring, when nature blooms, or in autumn, after the summer heat away. In winter there is sometimes snow and sometimes windy, and due to adverse weather conditions flights may be cancelled.

Where to stay/where to live

Волшебная Каппадокия: воздушные шары, скальные города и причудливые долины

In the Cappadocia there are small towns: Nevsehir, Urgup, Goreme, and others.

Housing in the rocks and compulsory for this place the rides — hot air balloon ride — it’s better not to save. We recommend you to choose hotel rooms that are inside the surrounding rocks, with a private terrace for early morning or evening, sipping Turkish coffee with baklava, watching hundreds of balloons daily hangs over these places.


  • 2* hotel Dedeli Konak Cave Hotel in Urgup — accommodation from 3672 rubles/day;
  • 3* hotel The Cappadocia Hotel in Urgup — accommodation from 4163 rubles/day;
  • 4* hotel Perimasali Cave Hotel in Urgup — accommodation from 5483 rubles/day;
  • the 5* hotel Hanedan Cave Suites in Nevsehir — accommodation from 25293 rubles/day;

How much does a hot air balloon

Волшебная Каппадокия: воздушные шары, скальные города и причудливые долины

Organization of ballooning is done by local travel company. Due to the high popularity of the city’s air order better to do in advance, no later than 2-3 weeks before the expected date. The cost of a one-hour walk in the air for a single person the average is $160.

Where is the best species/survey platform

Волшебная Каппадокия: воздушные шары, скальные города и причудливые долины

The best views are from the village of Uchisar on the panoramic ploshadka Goreme, climb many tourists who will not fly in a balloon. Also worthy of a visit to the Love valley, Monks valley and Sunset Point.

What else to see besides balloons

Волшебная Каппадокия: воздушные шары, скальные города и причудливые долины

Nora. Travel blogger

  • The Museum under the open sky and Heat

The Museum is a monastic complex of churches and chapels built into the rocks in the I-II centuries. The first novices and builders of churches were Christians who fled here from the authorities of the Roman Empire.

  • Derinkuyu underground city (Derinkuyu flower Palace)

Derinkuyu — a multi-level underground city, built by local residents in the II-I century BC, He goes down to eight storeys, and can accommodate up to 20,000 people with food supplies and livestock.

The building is truly amazing: there are living rooms, ventilation shafts, stables, kitchen, bakery, presses for extraction of oil and grape juice, wine cellars, storehouses for weapons and food, churches and chapels.

According to one version, the ancient peoples lived under zemley the time, but war, raids and persecution in those days was not uncommon, and to save your property and minimize suffer from the invaders, they were down there in dangerous times, thus destroying traces of their presence on earth. According to another version, people lived under the earth is constantly going to the surface only to cultivate the land and grow crops.

  • The Valleys Of Cappadocia

In Cappadocia’s many valleys and they are all different from each other. We will tell about the most interesting.

Imagination valley (aka Rose valley) — in this area a number of rock formations resembling silhouettes of people, objects, animals. Rocks formed from volcanic rocks, which the rays of the setting sun takes on a pink hue. They are magical pictures.

Valley of Love — during a pedestrian walk you can see the finger-shaped stone pillars with a height of 20 to 40 meters, which effectively contrasts with the rest of the landscape.

Monks valley (or authentic experience) — it is also called valley of the fairy chimneys. Here there are one-, two – and even three-headed rock formations with mushroom caps.

Волшебная Каппадокия: воздушные шары, скальные города и причудливые долины
  • The rock castle of Uchisar

The castle is located on the highest point of Cappadocia is a mountain range with lots of rooms and passages carved into a cliff, offering stunning views of the whole Cappadocia. At the foot of the castle is very authentic cafe @oasis_cafe_uchisar, where guests can drink Turkish tea and watch the sunset.

  • The Canyon Of Ihlara

It is a picturesque and deep (to 150 m) canyon, which houses numerous ancient rock-hewn churches. Along the canyon flows the picturesque river everywhere is heard the birds singing and lush greenery contrasts with the red rocks.

  • Salt lake ACE

The bottom of the lake is completely covered with salt. In the accessible part of the depth of 25 cm, and in summer the lake dries completely on the surface you will only see deposits of white salt. Just like the famous lake of Uyuni Salt flats in Bolivia. Photos in any season will turn out amazing!

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