Prague through the eyes of a local resident

Ekaterina Baklanova living in Prague for almost two years and during this time managed to fall in love in the Czech capital. In the article she talks about interesting places, the best pubs and restaurants, a free observation deck with a view. The only thing you will not find hackneyed recommendations that reprint each other bloggers and guidebooks.

Interesting tours by locals in Prague

Tourist season in Prague all year round: in January-February of tourists becomes less, but it’s a temporary respite — from March the centre is not overcrowded. The ideal time to visit is April, when the Sakura are in bloom with magnolias, and September with its comfortable for long walks temperatures and occasional showers.

Where to stay

Прага глазами местного жителя

Areas that are close to:Smíchov (Prague 5), Malá Strana (Prague 1) and Královské Vinohrady (Prague 3). This “quiet center” where you can live in a house from the early 20th century, and in the morning to enjoy the sights from the window. Surroundings the old town square and Wenceslas square would not recommend — there are dozens of late night entertainment venues, and quiet hope is not necessary.


hotel 2* The Republic Garden — accommodation from 651 rubles/day;
hotel 3* Bed&Books Art Hotel — accommodation from 2020 rubles/day;
3* hotel Residence Vysta — residence from 2211 rubles/day;
4* hotel Merchant’s Avenue Residence — accommodation from 2546 rubles/day;
4* hotel Deminka Palace — accommodation from 2680 rubles/day;
the 5* hotel Occidental Wilson Praha — accommodation from 6115 rubles/day;
the 5* hotel La Ballerina Hotel — accommodation from 6366 rubles/day;

Before the trip, download and install it on the phone app IDOS (requires Internet connection) or HERE WeGo (works offline) — all now route any route is not difficult. Transport in Prague is working around the clock, runs on a schedule, so a taxi will not have to spend. Only buy or stock up on travel tickets in advance to get them outside of the center can be difficult. Tickets are sold at vending machines in subway stations, public transport stops and new trams at the ticket offices in some metro stations (for example, Hlavní nádraží), the information centers at metro stations and at the airport shops and kiosks with the press and tobacco (they are called Trafika). The owners of SIM cards in the Czech operators can buy tickets by sending a text DPT24 (30 minutes for 24 CZK) or DPT32 (90 minutes for 32 CZK) to the short number 90206 (this can be done through the app IDOS).

Where to eat and drink

Прага глазами местного жителя

The task “eat” and “drink good beer” in Prague are seldom resolved in a single institution in most good Czech restaurants only bottled Staropramen, which connoisseurs of beer I think. So tell about each item separately.

  • Breakfast. To start the day I recommend Café Savoy in Mala Strana (Vítězná 124/5). In addition to a delicious continental Breakfast for 198 CZK (about 8 Euro), here is a very nice interior: crystal chandeliers, white tablecloths, friendly waiters in uniform.
  • For lunch and dinner I recommend to choose one of the institutions serving Czech cuisine. Good cook in the restaurants of the Kolkovna networks and Potrefená husa that are in different areas of Prague. Here you can try the same boar knee (pork knuckle), or svickova goulash (beef in cream sauce with lingonberry jam and dumplings). The second dish costs an average of 200-250 kronor (810 euros), the same amount you will pay for the knee weighing little more than a kilogram.
  • If you want not only bread but also circuses, go to one of the two institutions under the name Výtopna. Here drinks can bring him, and bring toy trains plying between the kitchen and living room. One restaurant is in the shopping center Palladium (Náměstí Republiky 1), the second — on Wenceslas square (Václavské náměstí 56). The table for the evening better to book in advance.
Прага глазами местного жителя
  • Wanting to taste the famous Czech beer are two options: the tourist bars and restaurants for her. The advantages of the first: the waiters in such places often speak several languages, including Russian. Minuses too: all put on stream, the service is often lame. From this category I can recommend three places that still keep the brand: U Tri Ruzi (Husova 10/232), Klášterní šenk in Brevnovsky monastery (monastery Markétská 1) and Klášterní pivovar Strahov monastery at Strahov (Strahovské nádvoří 301/10). In the first place often is, in the second and third I recommend to reserve a table.

    If you want something authentic, get ready to explain in English (or fingers, as lucky), and record turnout: Dva kohouti (Sokolovská 81/55), Loď (Dvořákovo nábřeží, Štefánikův most) and Permanent Beer Fest (Kolbenova has 923, Areál Pragovka — from March to September).
  • Bonus for the sweet tooth — delicious Italian ice cream sold in Angelato (Újezd 425/24) opposite the bottom station of the funicular to petřín. How about ice cream with the taste of hot pepper or nettle?

What to do and what to see in Prague, in addition to the main attractions

Прага глазами местного жителя

Stroll through city parks. In the summer season — from April to October, the beautiful Wallenstein garden (Letenská 123/4), where the paths strolling peacocks frolic in a pond goldfish, and orchestras perform classical music pieces. Here is the Palace, where the seat of the Czech Senate, weekends and public holidays it is open for visitors. Arrived in April, I recommend to look in Vojanovy gardens (U Lužického semináře), which bloom very photogenic magnolias.

To ride on the vintage tram. From late March to mid-November on weekends and holidays to historical center runs a tram No. 41. On first flight it came out in the 20-ies of the last century and has witnessed many key events in Czech history. Time and again failed and was restored. In 2000, he decided to turn into a tourist attraction, so the streets of Prague appeared red tram of two authentic cars with wood trim that accompanies an elderly conductor in vintage form.

Прага глазами местного жителя

To see the city from above and free. To pay for entrance to the lookout hyped are not necessarily the best point available to everyone. It is situated at letenske sady, next to the restaurant Hanavský pavilon — it offers a beautiful view on the bridges over the Vltava river and the historic quarters on both its banks. Another good option — Riegrovy sady, where in good weather, locals and tourists gather to see the Prague castle in the rays of the setting sun.

Прага глазами местного жителя

To find more works by David Black. It is called the “main bully of Europe” for sculptures that provoke the society and the power, and outrageous antics that he had to be restrained by police. Of babies without faces, crawling on Kampa island, heard many. There are also less known to the sculpture “Manneken Pis”, which streams on the output water of the message (Cihelná street, in the courtyard of the Kafka Museum), hanging over the street the man who looks terribly realistic (Husova street), king Wenceslas sitting on an upside down horse (Štěpánská 61, passage Lucerna), penalty head of Franz Kafka, which is made up of constantly moving parts (street Charvatova, courtyard shopping centre Quadrio). By the way, Black was involved in the development of the concept of the newly opened bar markets, cafés and Nightclubs (Seydlerova ulice), where there are no waiters and barmen: the order is made through the app, and the drink pours a robotic hand.

Прага глазами местного жителя
Photo: / KralovstviZeleznic

Go to the interactive railroad Museum. In the district of Smíchov is a Kingdom of Railways (Stroupežnického 23), the two — level Museum with the nation’s largest interactive model railroad. The painting is part miniature replicas of the Czech Republic, where full of life, in which you can influence by pressing: to move trains and cars, trams and the metro. Every 20 minutes a day follows night.

Прага глазами местного жителя

Wine tasting in the Botanical garden (Trojská 800/196). Located on the territory of Vinotéka sv. Klára is open all year round, where you can buy local wines by the glass or bottle. With an open terrace you can see Troja castle and Prague neighborhoods: especially beautiful in autumn when the vineyards are Golden. In August and September are usually held tasting with a sommelier, announcements are published on the website of the Botanical garden (

Look at the farmer’s market. Praguers go to the markets not so much to shop, how to have fun: chat, listen to music, drink beer or mulled wine, eat some tasty food. My favorite market every Saturday from February to December working on the embankment of the Vltava river between the palacký bridge and the railway bridge. You will find there’s a red tent with burgers — take without hesitation. Just 140 kroner (5,5 Euro), and the taste beats products expensive restaurants.

Прага глазами местного жителя

Visiting the nearby castles. I recommend to start with karlštejn — the only one in the Czech Republic the castle that never was captured. Built by order of Charles IV, it served as the summer residence of the ruler and was a treasure trove. To get inside, will have to overcome quite a steep climb — those who are afraid can not cope, can take horse-drawn carts. The alternative — Konopiste in benešov. The most famous owner was crown Prince Franz Ferdinand, whose assassination started the First world war. Around the castle a huge Park with deer, hares and peacocks, the restaurant Stará myslivna (2 Konopiště), specializing in game dishes.

To get round castle train timetable can be viewed on the website In Prague several times a year, go retro steam train schedule, which you can watch on the website .

Visit the mini-brewery with tastings, located outside of Prague. Recommend Pivovar Únětice (Rýznerova 5, Únětice), Němý Medvěd (nám. Míru 27, Mělník) and Berounský medvěd (Tyršova 135, Beroun), in any of them can be reached by public transport. Try the products of those Breweries where you will reach, it is possible for one of the festivals. For example, Žižkovské pivobraní in the Park Parukářka, which takes place in early June (actual dates will find on the website or news portals).

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