the Most convenient station of Russia was the “Chelyabinsk-Main”

At OneTwoTrip we made a rating of the Russian train stations. To put the total score for each station was taken into consideration several criteria. First, we found, what services each station, and compared them with a list of services that passengers consider most important when travelling: this list was compiled based on the results of a survey of more than 2,500 of our clients. And that assessment was more objective, for each station considered ratings and reviews on several popular services*.

Thus, the final score is based not only on the personal impressions of travellers, but on an objective list of services offered each station. Information about all the services were taken on the official website of Russian Railways. Total estimated 345 stations located throughout the country.

Note that the rankings we took into account that the greatest impact should have a really important for passengers services. To do this, clients were asked to rate the necessity of those or other services at train stations. In a specially conducted survey, they exhibited a variety of services rating from 1 to 5, where 1 is unhelpful and 5 is very important, without which one cannot do. For example, the most useless service, estimated at 1 point, was the presence of a Barber shop in the station building. 1.2 points received service VIP-Escorts. 1.3 points were given reservation of seats in the rest rooms and the service “Videostock”.

The most popular services, which received nearly 5 points — availability at the station infirmary (4.8 points) and the linear police Department (4.9 points), as well as tracing lost baggage (4,8 points). Also needed in the way passengers think cafes (4.8 points) and shopping (4.7 points).

After each service was rated an average score for each station managed to get their sum, which for convenience was converted to a five point system. Further account was taken of the assessments that users put up for popular services reviews and geoservices. In the end, was brought the average score on the basis of which was comprehensive ranking of stations in Russia.

First place in the final ranking took the station “Chelyabinsk-Main”. According to the Railways website, here passengers provide the most comprehensive list of services: in addition to the necessary cafes and shops at the train station there was a room mother and child, public washrooms, ATMs, Wi-Fi, relaxation area with beds and a room long rest. At the station you can also stay in a hotel, order a taxi, to get information about the city, print out documents or to remove them from the copy, leaving your car at the paid Parking and a variety of other services. Total due to the variety of services provided, the station received a score of 4.9. And to take into account the opinion of the city, we looked at the ratings on popular services reviews and geoservices and brought the average; it is made up 4.17 points. Total score 4,5 led the main railway station of Chelyabinsk in the first place.

Самым удобным вокзалом России оказался «Челябинск-Главный»

In second place was “Irkutsk-Passenger”. Here passengers can also obtain the maximum of useful services-from Luggage storage to taxi. At the station, running clinic, there is a shop, cafes and ATMs. However, there is no really need of a room mother and child. In General, the list necessary and not service the station received 4.8 points. But the users appreciate the “Irkutsk-Passenger” is not very high: the average score equal to 3.7. The total score of 4.2.

Closes the three leaders of the station “Vladivostok”. The diversity and utility of the service for passengers is here estimated at 4.3 points. At the station there: a first-aid post, cafés, ATMs, a room a long wait and the pay toilet. Users of other services have assessed the main station of Vladivostok to 3.7 points. The average score was 4.0.

Also in the top 10 best railway stations of Russia Paveletskaya railway station “Krasnodar-1”, “Khabarovsk-1”, “Yaroslavl-Glavny” railway station of Adler, as well as Belarusian and Kiev station in Moscow.

Самым удобным вокзалом России оказался «Челябинск-Главный»

*TripAdvisor, Google and 2GIS Maps

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