What do tourists with tickets to Georgia

Prepared a memo with a plan of action for passengers who bought tickets in Georgia.

1. Don’t worry

Change of plans is always unpleasant, but this does not mean that you have lost money. And vacations, and spent money can be saved. The airline had already taken measures and develop rules of return and exchange of tickets — you only need to study them and act according to the rules.

2. Check out the date of his departure

The refund of tickets depend on the date of departure to Georgia and return to Russia.

Your flight to Georgia and back after 8 Jul

There are several options you can do:

  • To take both tickets and receive 100% refund of their value within the framework of the forced return of the ticket.
  • To change your tickets to new of the same category, but with earlier departure dates (up to 08.07.2019) from/to Georgia with no surcharges. It is possible in the case of airline available seats on flights before 8 July. The ability to exchange tickets do not offer all airlines (for example, “Victory” and “Red Wings” will issue a refund, but will not be offered the exchange of tickets).
  • To exchange tickets and go on vacation to a different direction. For example, the exchange of tickets for the same category in new directions (Yerevan, Vladikavkaz, Baku) offers “Aeroflot” without surcharges. This option is not all airlines.

*Currently, these conditions apply to Russian carriers. Information on Georgian airline specified.

Your flight to Georgia, to July 8, and return back after

In this case, the rules of the airlines similar to those used for departures after 8 July (excluding flights SmartAvia (code 5N)).

Your flight to Georgia and back up to July 8 (or bought a ticket in one direction only)

This means that you have a chance to get into the country and relax as you planned. To 8 July, all airlines will make flights on schedule. If you want to exchange or return purchased tickets with the return date until 8 July, it is also possible involuntary return ticket (except for flights of the airline “Victory” (code DP) and SmartAvia (code 5N).

For airline “Victory” (code DP) and SmartAvia (code 5N) change is possible is in accordance with the rules of fare purchased ticket.

3. Contact the place of purchase of tickets

To return or exchange a ticket, contact where you bought the ticket. Will help you to understand how to issue a refund or will do it for you.

Our customers can issue a refund quickly and easily — log into “My booking” on the website or in the app, click the “return ticket” to select all tickets in Georgia that they want to return, specify the reason for “involuntary refunds (airline canceled or postponed flight)”, press to confirm and enter the four-digit code, which will come in sms. Service professionals agree on the return ticket with the airline, and the funds on the client’s account will be returned within 3-30 days after the completion of the refund feature request, depending on the client’s Bank.

Ekaterina Antonova,

head of customer service OneTwoTrip

If you have a question regarding purchased tour on dates after July 8, or booked a hotel, we recommend to contact the support places of purchase or reservation.

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